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  Wheel Racks


Black - $209.95

Chrome - $209.95
WR-B-20 black Holds 20" Wheels
WR-C-20 chrome Holds 20" Wheels
WR-B-24 black Holds 24" Wheels
WR-C-24 chrome Holds 24" Wheels

Display your wheels in an attractive and safe manner is important to your business success. These specially designed wheel racks are the standard in the industry and are frequently used by the wheel manufacturers at the various trade shows.  5 Minute Assembly and disassembly as well as durability and modularity are some of the noted features of this classic rack. Available in Black or Chrome and are boxed to ship via UPS.

Wheel Hats for 17" & 22" Wheels

PWA-99-9951-17 for 17 inch Wheels
PWA-99-9951-22 for 22 inch Wheels
Wheel Display Hooks

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