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Retail Sales Policy

Prestige International’s basic core business is supplying our products on a wholesale bases to the retail stores, wholesale distributors and manufactures involved in the custom wheel and high performance tire industry.

There is no such thing as standard when it comes to wheel accessories and hardware in the custom wheel industry. Not only do specifications vary from manufacture to manufacture, many manufactures specifications change from one style or vehicle application to another. 

Because of the hundreds of different types, styles, sizes and specific intended uses, we feel that it is always best for the retail customer to contact his local Custom Wheel Professional in person as they are better trained to know or determine what kind of items will work on which type of custom wheel.

Our many years of experience has shown that when the retail customer try’s to purchase custom wheel accessories or hardware directly on line or by phone, because of the complexity of the product, the majority of the time they do not fully understand what they actually need and often order incorrectly.

This resulted in an unacceptable amount of returns or requests for exchanges. The amount of business and profit generated did not cover the costs involved. We are a long-time established Wholesaler which has made our extensive product lines available to Retail Customers ordering very small amounts. We have to charge these fees to justify doing this Retail business.

Effective January 1, 2006 our Retail Sales Policy is as follows

All sales are final. Be sure you know exactly what you are ordering.

There are No Returns or Exchanges for any reason.  

The Minimum (fee-free) order requirement is $ 50.00 plus shipping.

Any order submitted for less than $ 50.00 will have a small order fee added after your agreement and before billing.

The small order fee should be the difference between the dollar amount of the merchandise ordered and $ 50.00.  


An order for only $ 40.00 of merchandise would have a $ 10.00 Small Order Fee

An order for only $ 30.00 of merchandise would have a $ 20.00 Small Order Fee

An order for only $ 10.00 of merchandise would have a $ 40.00 Small Order Fee

Special Order or Custom Made to order merchandise

Any orders for special or custom made to order merchandise must be fully paid for in advance before the merchandise will be ordered from the manufacture and is not cancelable for any reason.